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Gallery 3


 ‘Quasar’ Fulham Greyhound London 1985,L-R Keith Turner, DW , Sue Robinson

Quasar 1987 L-R Keith Turner, Nick Williams, Uwe D’Rose, Steve Leigh, DW

Quasar , Marquee, London 1990

L-R Keith Turner, Tracy Hitchings, DW, Toshi Tsuchiya

‘Gaskin’ 1984 L-R Paul Gaskin,

Bren Spence (RIP) Dave Gugelo, DW

The Missus, Leighton Buzzard 2013

‘Anaconda’ at The George Robey, London 1977 L-R  Rod Abbotson, Reg McKeoun, DW, Randy Spence

‘Argus’ 1972, L-R Mick Pearl,  Bill McKay, DW (hidden) Del Watkins

‘Second Sight’ rehearsal, Skegness 1969. L-R Dave Green, Phil Parsons, DW, Rick Patton, Steve Romaniuk