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Dave began playing
Dave began playing at age eleven, initially self taught, and formed a couple of fun bands whilst at school with guitarist pal Dave Green.
After a brief voluntary spell in the Army, during which had an equally brief spell in the regimental band as snare drummer, left and joined a local band 'The Clouds' in home town of Skegness in 1969, with singer guitarist Shane Richards and bassist Rick Patten after meeting them and jamming with them whilst previously on leave. Had his first experience of 'dodgy' managers whilst with them - ( last heard one was doing a bit of 'Porrige' in Parkhurst) Recorded a single with them- a couple of Shane's original songs, which failed to set the charts on fire unfortunately, or anything else for that matter.
Joined forces again with Dave Green to form 'Second Sight', a five piece playing covers of their fave bands inluding Jazz Rock band 'Blood Sweat & Tears'. They strim down to a three piece with Steve Romaniuk on bass, doing covers of Cream and Hendrix and some originals in similar vein. Plans to relocate the band to London were scuppered when they had a serious crash in the van on the way back from a trip there to find accomodation.
In the lull that followed Dave W moved down to 'the smoke' with brother Steve when an opportunity arose to take over a flat vacated by some friends. Six months of turning up for various audition and jam situations followed, including 'Flash' with former 'Yes' guitarist Pete Banks, 'Mainhorse', with future Yes and Moody Blues keyboardist Patrick Moraz, former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Danny Kirwan, Lonnie Donegan guitarist Les Bennetts and loads of others, without anything concrete resulting. Dave eventually formed the Blues Rock band 'Argus', with fellow Skegnesian Mick Pearl on bass. They recruited former 'Julian's Treatment' guitarist Del Watkins, and Scottish singer Bill McRae, who was later replaced by Ken Lewis. The band gigged around the college and university circuit and did supports with bands like Thin Lizzy, Brinsley Schwartz, Jack The Lad and The Equals, and recorded a bunch of demos, and interest was shown by Elton John's newly fromed Rocket Records. Del eventually left and among guitarists answering the ad for a replacement was Allan Holdsworth, having just left Tempest (who Dave was a big fan of) but Allan obviously wasn't sufficiently impressed with what was on the table to come for an audition despite Dave's best sales pitch. A brief change of style changed when it was decided to bring in a sax player instead. Former Soft machine tenor Elton Dean enquired but wasn't convinced, but the band were delighted when baritone saxist John 'Irish' Earle joined, who transformed the band's material. Previously with 'Gnidrolog' and later with Thin Lizzy and Cliff Richard, John soon got bored and after a short spell, bade the band farewell, after which, with Rocket Records losing interest, the band folded. The recordings were later released years later on the Audio Archives label. Next venture for Dave was with Jazz/Rock/Fusion outfit 'Anaconda', with tremedous American guitarist Randy Spence, and with Rod Abbotson on Bass, and Sax / flautist Reg McKeowen. The band gigged around the London club and pub circuit and did a couple of stints at Ronnie Scott's, with Jazz legends Joe Pass and Sarah Vaughan. Dave relocated to East Anglia after getting married, and played with several bands in the Norwich area, including 'Abraxus', with guitarist Terry Bunting, Bassist Simon Durrant, and Vocalist Nick Siemons, and 'Supergrass', with former Samson vocalist Mark Newman. The lure of London eventually proved too strong a pull, and Dave came back and joined 'NWOBHM' band 'Gaskin', with Paul Gaskin on guitar and vocals, Dave Gugelo on Bass, and the late Bren Spencer on vocals. After working on the band's third album and a solitary gig, Paul relocated back to Scunthorpe and that spelt the end. Dave answered an advert for the Prog band 'Quasar' and eventually joined (1985) in time to record for the EMI /Elusive album 'Fire In Harmony' The band consisted of founder member Keith Turner on bass, Cyrus Khajavi on guitar/ later briefly Uwe D'Rose then Kevin Fitzgerald, then Toshi Tsuchiya, Dillon Tonkin on keyboards / later Steve Leigh, Sue Robinson on vocals / later Nick Williams then Tracy Hitchings. The band continued their relentless touring schedule and released their second album 'The Loreli' in 1989. The band broke up in 1990, to be carried on later in California by Keith Turner who had started the band in 1978. By this time Dave had already met up again with former members D'Rose and Leigh who were forming what eventually became 'Landmarq' with bassist Steve Gee and vocalist Bob Daisley. After recording a track for Dutch S.I. Music sampler album with vocalsit Rob Lewis-Jones, they recorded their first album 'Solitarty Witness' for the label, with Damian Wilson now on vocals. Dave also played on Tracy Hitchings solo album for S.I. Music. Around this time Dave started taking drum lessons from American Jazz tutor Joel Rothman, and playing with the band 'Willy and The Shakers' with Phil Rynhart on bass/vcls, the late Tommy Lundy on vocal and guitar, and former Colosseum guitarist Jimmy Litherland. The band was a revolving door of musicians over the years including Clive Bunker, Les Binks, Bozz Burrell, Eamon Doyle, Pete Friesen, Dave Bunce and others. Landmarq further recorded the albums 'Infinity Parade' and The Vision Pit', before S.I. went bust. Dave made the decision to start a small label (Synergy Records) to continue releasing the band's albums, and re-released The Vision Pit', followed by 'Science of Coincidence', and Thunderstruck' before winding down the label through lack of funds. In 1995 Dave and other members of Landmarq played with John Wetton for the last leg of his European tour. Other side projects at this time included working with Iranian musician Cyrus Khajavi's band 'Kooch', recording the 'East meets West' album 'Zemzeme'. Also, in 1996 Dave drummed and sang in 'The Illegal Eagles' In 2001, and opportunity arose to play with Ken Hensley at the Sweden Rock Festival, with Andy Pyle on bass, Dave Kilminster on guitar and Moon Gould and Chip Jenkins on backing vocals. A DVD was then recorded for 'Classc Rock Legends' and two tracks for Ken's 'Running Blind' album. Dave started working with Oliver Wakeman on his album The Three Ages of Magick with Steve Howe on guitar, which was followed by 'Mother's Ruin' and the Live DVD in Poland. Started working with Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash in 2008 touring relentlessly for the next five years over Europe, Japan, Brazil, Mexico USA and Canada, recording the DVD 'Life Begins' and 'The Garden Party' cd. The touring schedule forced Dave to leave Landmarq after 22 years sadly, but who have continued since. In 2005 Dave started touring and recording with guitarist Davy O List, formerly of 'The Nice' continuing up to the present playing on Davy's album 'Second Thoughts' with a follow-up in the pipeline.